Horseback Riding Lessons


Riding Instruction

 Leslie's instruction in equitation and hunters is based on the classic principles of  George Morris and  Bernie Traurig   as well as other great masters who teach that position is always the  first building block in a rider and only from proper position and  balance do softness and feel  develop.  In addition good horsemanship  produces a happy, comfortable horse which will always be the best  and  most willing partner. She strives to create proficient students in and  out of the show ring focusing on safety and horsemanship as well as form  and function. Children and adults alike learn the joys of riding and  caring for horses to create educated horsemen and women.  Basic position  and understanding how form affects function are the keys to a solid  foundation and good riding at all levels. From nurturing a first time  beginner rider or young horse, to coaching them to their first blue  ribbon and championship she instills a sense of responsibility and  passion for all aspects of riding and horse care. Her students have  achieved Finals wins and year-end awards at many levels. She brings her  diverse equine background to her students. If you are looking for  horseback riding lessons for yourself or your child call Leslie!  For frequently asked questions:


Training for you and your horse

 Training is offered both in conjunction with lessons when needed and  independent of them.  Leslie  has extensive experience both with  training young horses and retraining problem horses.  She was tasked  with bringing the green horses along when working with Dee Dee Hopper at  Kingsley Farms. These days "made" horses are quite expensive and many  riders start with somewhat less than an experienced show horse. She  brings horses along in accordance with their physical ability and mental  maturity at their own pace. Leslie uses basic horsemanship, education  of the rider as well as conditioning and training of the horse to  produce results.   Training your horse is always an ongoing process,  as  George Morris says  "Every second, you're either schooling or  un-schooling your horse. There's no in-between." 

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Teaching green horses to jump

Young mare being taught to jump through gymnastics